13 April 2010

This and That

Here's a bit of this and that for a Tuesday afternoon:

Orthodontist tomorrow morning. Cannot wait. My bottom expander broke a week ago, so there's that. And the upper "appliance" that I've got now (it's not the original expander, it's more of a place holder - a trap(per) keeper!) is killing my tongue. Totally needs to be adjusted. The braces on my bottom teeth are doing great thhough. Teeth are on the move!

Totally tweaked my back last night. I wasn't even doing anything interesting or strenuous. I just moved and felt it tighten up. It now feels like I'm wearing a really heavy, yet tiny backpack in the middle of my shoulder blades. Not cool.

Broke down and bought the Aveda Air Control hair spray. I know you've all been waiting with baited breath to see how I'd solve my hair spray quandary. It's awesome. Love how it smells. Love the hold. It's not sticky at all, goes on very dry, yet holds. It's amazing!

There are 24 days until River Bank Run! Totally looking forward to it. Training has gone really well this year. I won't speak of what went down around this time last year. You can read about it, if you want, but I don't want to jinx anything! I got a new pair of shoes that should be broken in just enough by the time the race rolls around. I'm already thinking about what I'll wear, and how exciting it will be to cross the finish line! And I'm considering possibly taking that Friday off...hmmm?!

I think I've probably already extolled the amazing qualities of Airborne in a previous post, so if I have, just humor me. The stuff is great! Last week I was feeling a bit off, had a bit of a scratchy throat and low energy. I started a course of Airborne almost imediately, rested plenty over the weekend and aside from my back, I'm feeling good!

Remember that whole "I'm going to redo my bathroom" jag I was on? Yeah. It's sort of come to a standstill. Dudes don't call you back when they say they will. What's up with that? I have one estimate from one guy. Spoke with two others. One actually came to the house, never heard from him again. I'm not going to chase you down for an estimate, dude. You either want the work or you don't. I take your silence as a "hey, lady, I'm not intersted in your tiny bathroom redo project! I've got bigger fish to fry." Will likely get in touch with "Best Follow Through Skills Dude." To me, it makes sense to get the project going AFTER River Bank. We shall see if it aligns with Dude's schedule.

Want these sunglasses:

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