16 June 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

...thank God it wasn't akin to Janet Jackson's little situaiton at the Super Bowl a few years back, but it could have been interesting....

Getting dressed this morning, I'm in a hurry and looking to pull together something easy to wear. I grab a black & white tailored sheath dress that I've had for a couple years and a cardigan sweater to shield me from the office A/C.


Or so I thought!

I'm about to leave the house and all of a sudden the dress feels slightly loose. The zipper down my back had split and was off track. Back exposed! I couldn't move the zipper, save for a couple inches at a time. I was STUCK in my dress, one that I coudn't go anywhere in! The dress zipper and I had it out and I was eventually declared victorious, but only after a good fight. Had to pull something else out of the closet and get dressed all over again. Oi!

Ever had a wardrobe malfunction? What's your go to - gotta get out the door in a hurry work outfit?

1 comment:

AJP said...

honey - I'm looking forward to the day I'm able to select one outfit over another. For work.