23 June 2009

Thinking 'bout...

My dad. He's coming to visit.
Frances McDormand. It's her birthday today. 
Jinx. You owe me a coke. Where did this come from? Wiki knows.
The beach. I want to go to there.
How people manage to get into relationships where "wedding bells" are mentioned after only a matter of months (3). really?
How I gasped out loud after reading that, sweetney, one of my regular blog reads is getting separated from her husband. I don't even know her in real life, but have been reading/enjoying her blog for a few years. Didn't see it coming, but as a keeper of my own blog, I know how easy it is to only write what you want people to know.

Forking someone's lawn as a late night summer prank.
The wonders of text messaging. What did we do before txting?

Electricity. thankful that it's back on. Second outage in four or five days.

What to have for dinner. The ice cream in the freezer that's pretty melty about now might be a good place to start... There were only three bites left. Hardly satisfying. Basically a tease. Now I want more!!

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k said...

I hear on the gasps-out-loud. I've gasped many a time as a result of announcements from people I don't personally know.