07 June 2009

Dear LIfe,

...i'm enjoying the people, things and experiences you're bringing into my world. I feel like for the first time in a long time, I've truly let go of what I think "should be". I am just going about the business of living, living in the moment and have been blessed enough to be a girl who realizes she's just where she needs to be. I'm soaking up every minute with enthusiasm. I'm licking the plate and man, does it taste good! I'm incredibly grateful for where I am at this very moment. I'm also grateful for:

...knees that are strong enough for me to keep running (8 miles yesterday!), but still vulnerable enough to be made weak by a cute boy.

...friends who are ridiculously funny, generous and supportive.

...music that keeps me entertained and appreciative of all the creativity around me. How cute is  the video these two kids made? And it's definitely my favorite song of the moment, since I've found a way to include it in this post as well as the last. The Swedes are bringing it!

...gentle reminders of the past. They get easier to accept each time, because I realize how far I've come and how amazingly lucky I am.

...getting stronger every day in every way.


...packages in the mail. Even though if one is not careful, one may end up with a minor flesh wound as a result of opening said package!

...sleeping in and blogging on a Sunday morning. Down time is a good thing! 

Thanks again, Life. I'm digging you and this cool thing we've got going on between us. :-)

Your girl,

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k said...

You sound happy and content, and I'm happy and content for you.