12 June 2009


Well, well, we've made it to the weekend! Just one final day of work to wind up the week and then it's play time for a couple days! Whomever came up with the weekend concept should be given a medal. Maybe they already have one. I'll have to research that a little bit! Regardless, the fact that it's Friday, with all its weekend fun potential is main reason I'm even contemplating getting out of bed right now. 

Looking forward to a weekend where:
  • I sleep in. I may even take a nap or two. (cut me some slack on that one, I'm not even out of bed yet!)
  • Where the sun shines and it starts to act a little more like summer than it has the last couple days.
  • Where I have at least one iced coffee.
  • Where I don't do yard work because it's already done!
  • Where I get to hang with my mom for a bit. 
  • Where I go to the Local First Street Party.
  • Where I may or may not go for a long run.
  • Where I may go for another bike ride.
  • Where the potential for fun is at an all time high. Could it beat last weekend, which was pretty amazing?! We'll just have to find out! For me, anticipation is a big part of the fun! And who even knows about the things I haven't even imagined yet! YAY!
What's going to make your weekend a fabulous one?


k said...

I hope to...

...go swimming with my little man.
...enjoy my new flowers.
...go to a wedding and wear a sassy dress.

AJP said...

breakfast with my cousins tomorrow morning and enjoy a few glasses of wine over the weekend.