01 July 2010

Food Mood

Summer is typically not the season for slaving away in the kitchen on elaborate meals. And in my case it seems that recently it's not about slaving away on any meals. I feel like I've been eating horribly and for every time I think, "I need to be eating better," there's no motivation to work up a healthy menu for the week and make the trip to the grocery store. Seriously, you'd think it involved walking across hot coals or scaling the Mackinaw Bridge the way I've been avoiding making healthy eating a priority.

They say you'll keep repeating the same crappy, self-defeating behaviors even though you try to talk yourself into better behavior, until the pain is too great not to change that crappy, self-defeating behavior.

It's time for a change, people. I'm sick of not having the energy I want. If I'm tired, I want it to be because I've just had a really good run or I've just had a heck of an active/productive day. (I could do a whole other post about how my running career is doing right now. I'll save the post and just say it's in serious need of a kick in the running shorts!) I'm sick of the hassle of getting dressed for work when there are a few items I'm avoiding because they feel pinchy and a liiittle too snug for the workplace. Ugh!

Remember that whole cleanse I did back in January/February? You'd think I did that eons ago and then suffered severe memory loss the way I've been eating. While I don't necessarily want to do another cleanse right now, I want to re-embrace some of the principals - more protein, more veggies (hello, Farmer's Market?!) fewer carbs, low to no-sugar (I don't want to stop baking, it just would mean more sharing of the baked goods!) and definitely no more sodas.

Good thing it's never too late to rededicate yourself to healthy!

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