31 July 2010

Notes on Vacation

I just got back from an extended family vacation in Marquette, Michigan. With family roots in Marquette, I've been making the trek north almost every summer since I was born. This year was the first time in about two years that both of my brothers and their families were able to make the trek from out east, plus we had many more family members in town than usual. It was so excellent to see everyone. Here's a little post about the fun I've been having...

Hello nature! Marquette has so many beautiful natural views and great nature escapes. We hiked up Sugarloaf Mountain, I ran several times along the Lake Superior shore, we swam and beached it at Lake Superior - the water was actually VERY warm. If you know anything about Lake Superior, you know this is not something that
happens frequently!

Overjoyed about the fact that I got to spend so much quality time with my baby niece who is only 7 months old. She's amazing! The entire family would sing her favorite song when she started to fuss a little. She'd perk right up and smile when we'd sing to her. So sweet! The family sing-a-long was caught on video at one point while I was holding her. I cannot wait to see that!

# # # # #

One of the best things about vacation is having unstructured/unscheduled days. There were plenty of opportunities to catch a little sun and cool breeze in the hammock or on the beach, sleep in and then stay in one's pajamas longer than you would or could on a normal day, play with my nieces and nephew. One day this week, literally, the most pressing chore of the day was getting ready to go out in public for dinner.

So many desserts, so little time. My mom makes a mean strawberry rhubarb pie. There were also a variety of brownies, including cream cheese brownies and regular. Macaroons! Other cookies. A spicy layered fruit dessert that involved pudding, whip cream and nilla wafers. A frozen pistacio dessert that my grandma used to make. And mini chocolate cupcakes. It was pretty ridiculous, definitely vacation-only type eating!

Lots of dogs. In all seven dogs. Newest dog memebers of the family include my cousin B's Vizsla and my cousin J's Jack Russell (pictured below). Makes me want a dog!

Whenever the family gathers together, Mehndi has been a family tradition ever since my sister (in-law) M joined the family. Such a great way to chill and have a bonding experience with the ladies in the family, plus you have a very cool reminder of the time together right on the palm of your hand!

I've seen Inception twice now and you should go see it if you haven't already. I loved how layered the movie is and how much discussion you can have about it afterward. Best movie I've seen in a while.

# # # # #

It's definitely better to do a longer vacation than a shorter one! Re-entry into real life is going to be a bit difficult though. I've only been home for a few hours now and I am already feeling a little bummed out about being home and knowing that it will be a while before I'll see that much of my family together again all in one place. Great times, great family! I'm so lucky!

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