10 July 2010

Sleepin' In Summer

I love my sleeping mask for weekends in the summer! If the cats were allowed in the bedroom and if I had perfect hair, this is how I'd look when I slept during the summer - minus so many blankies, unless the A/C is on. Is there anything Audrey did that wasn't glamourous?

The bedroom gets Eastern sunrise sun and lots of it, so if I ever want to sleep in past sunrise I have to don my trusty sleep mask. I was a bit dubious at first, because who actually uses those? For real? Yeah, for real, it works! I tried it out of desperation and lack of early morning sleep and have been quite happy with the sleepy results.

Sun got you rising before you want to? Try on a sleep mask and you too could be slumbering away long after day break! Just thought of you folks with kids or barky dogs, I don't think there's a mask that allows you to keep sleeping after they've been summoned from their slumber in the morning. Sorry!

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k said...

I have a sleep mask (it says "Do not disturb") and use it ALL the time.

It's fabulous.