10 May 2009

Post Race Ramblings

Happy to report that my knee cooperated and helped me finish my first 25k. It did feel a little suspect around mile 7, but when I slowed down a bit it felt better and I was able to forge ahead 9 more miles to finish the race!

I'm not 100% sure what it was that did the trick with my knee. Probably a combination of all the things I did in order to take care of it - more rest days, cut back on my miles, Tiger Balm, Acupuncture. I know for sure getting that MRI wouldn't have factored into helping in any way!

Coolest moments from the race: 
  • Lined up with the mass of humanity (5,529 ran the 25k) in front of DeVos Place before the race started, the clouds unleashed their rain and everyone let out a big cheer. In my mind we were saying "Bring it on! You don't know how hard we've been training or how badly we want to run today, rain's not going to stop us!" 
  • Running with my friend AW who has been so great to train with. We pushed each other and kept each other accountable for the last 4 months. So much better than training for and running a big race alone. Grateful that she decided to give distance running a try and enjoys it as much as I do!
  • Seeing the leader pack run by us heading back into town with the media truck full of photographers and videographers. Everyone cheered as they went by. 
  • Realizing out on O'Brien or Maynard that I wasn't even conscious of the rain anymore. I was just running.
  • Turning the corner off Fulton onto Ottawa with the finish line about a 1/4 mile away and seeing my friend CH from work. She'd been having hip trouble about the same time my knee was acting up. Knowing that she had already finished made me run that much harder to my own finish.
  • Being able to kick in the reserves and run my hardest and hearing my mom cheer for me just as I was about to cross the finish line.
  • Being a part of something so big and that by being a runner, having done this race and having the drive and ambition to continue running I share something that's deep within every other runner.
Looking forward to relaxing and giving my sore muscles a break for the next few days, but am also already looking forward to my next race. There's a 1/2 marathon in Chicago in June that AW and I are looking at. For sure I'll run the Grand Rapids 1/2 marathon in October. 

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