04 May 2009

Lost & (hopefully) Found

There are currently several items that I cannot locate within my house (life!). I'm wondering where these things go and why I haven't found them yet. St. Anthony, this one's for you!

Item #1: Pedometer.
Last memory: standing at my kitchen counter wondering how I'd attach it to myself for the day on Friday - I was wearing a dress with no waistband to attach it to. Have no memory of it beyond that moment.

Prognosis for finding: It's the size of a dental floss container, so size is not working in my favor. We've started a "stepping out" program at work and everyone got pedometers so we can keep track of our steps on a daily basis. There's money involved in a completed step log, so the frustration at not being able to find this little gadget is a bit amplified!

Item #2: Running shorts
Last memory: no distinct memory other than noticing their absence.I couldn't find them for my run on Saturday. I've since done all the laundry in my house and they're still missing.

Prognosis for finding: Good. Seriously, I don't have a habit of leaving clothes in radom places, these have to be somewhere in the house. Somewhere! They have pockets, my only running shorts with pockets. As the weather warms up, that becomes very important!

Item #3: Leggings
Last memory: I wore these on Monday under a dress. Did not see them turn up in the laundry, so I'm considering them MIA.

Prognosis for finding: Good. Again, where could they go? I know I didn't remove them randomly somewhere outside my house, so they have to turn up somewhere!

Have you lost or found anything recently?

All three items have been found! The pedometer was in the center console of my car. The shorts were in my gym bag. The leggings were folded up in with some shirts in my closet.


k said...

Dude, how are you LOSING clothes?

anita joy said...

I have nothing to lose, but, literally everything to gain. It's a good place to be. Well, at least until the next time I covet.