13 May 2009

bless them change me

There are a handful of people that bring out an instant bad taste in my mouth upon sight. It takes a LOT to reach this level of distaste with me. In every day life, I'm not walking around thinking bad thoughts about these people, but for some reason if my path crosses theirs, it dredges up the lingering residue of hurt that's still within me. 

I saw two of these people - TOGETHER - on my drive home tonight. I mentioned it to my friend I happened to be on the phone with and started talking trash. I managed to stop myself before going all out with the trash talk. I don't want to be that person. I don't want to let anyone hold that kind of space within me, even if it's just a small space at this point. I'm a better person than to cut someone else down just because I was wounded once (mmm, okay, maybe it was more than once...) by someone. 

My best defense is to thank God that I have the awareness that this is not a manner I wish to conduct myself and to say a quick prayer that I know has the power to one day completely relieve me of the hurt that still lingers and sprouts now and then..."Bless them, Change me."


loveball said...


good for you Rachie. :)

Anonymous said...

rock it out, girl!