02 June 2011

Rockin' Out

Shiner was one of my favorite bands circa 1997-98ish. I saw them live in NYC when I lived there. It was an amazing show in a small club. They, of course, have a giant sound and they blew me away. It had been a long time since I listened to them, but I got this email from my older brother today:

Subject line: Shiner.
Message: Listen to them. ;-)

I got home and started digging through my CDs. I had only one The Egg, which my brother gave me for Christmas, I think. I totally thought I owned Lula Divinia and Splay, as well. Apparently not or not anymore. Neither were anywhere to be found. You know what it's like when you HAVE to listen to something right. now? I buzzed over to Vertigo. He had Splay and is checking on Lula for me.

Such a good sound! You can bet some of that is going on my running mix. Hearing it makes me feel tough and super cool for even knowing who they are. It's the kind of music, and they're the kind of musicians who make me want to be in a band!

What are you listening to? What ever it is, turn it up and rock on!

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