15 June 2011

Fun Money!

My good gal pal TwoAdults blogged yesterday about she'd do with an extra $1,000. Rules being that it had to be spent on fun stuff, no bill paying, or the like. Reading her post with glee, I heard the cash register in my head happily ringing up her "purchases" and decided it would be fun to do a similar post! So with "$1,000" in hand, let's get to it!

Monthly massage appointments booked through the end of December. I'm already going to one on the regular for relaxation and running-related muscle work, so it would be nice to know I'm paid up through the end of the year. $450

Remaining balance: $550

I had a horribly frustrating home improvement project experience over the weekend involving a drill, freshly painted walls and anchor screws that would not anchor. What should have been a very simple project had me snarling at the world. I'd hire someone to hang the mirror I was attempting to hang. I'm guessing any hand-andy person worth their salt would be able to do the job in an hour or so. Gonna guess the hourly rate of $100/hour.

Remaining balance: $450

I rarely buy cheese for my house anymore. As a vegetarian I was overly-dependent on it as a protein source, so when I do purchase cheese, it's a super treat or it's for a particular recipe. I'd use my next $100 to go buy about 20 lbs of cheese, call a few gal pals over (byob) and have an impromptu cheese party. I'm guesstimating my average price per pound would be in the $5-6 neighborhood. Maybe I wouldn't actually buy 20 lbs, because, gosh, that sounds like a LOT of cheese. I would buy enough to have a substantial cheese party and spend any extra on extra snackins.

Does that look like 20 lbs. of cheese to you?

Remaining balance: $350

I've been looking for a quality handbag for a while, and can never bring myself to drop serious coin on a bag, even though it's something I'd use every day. For this exercise, I'd try to find one for $200 or under. Okay, so here's what I just found, it's the right size, color and shape:
This Cole Haan from Zappos is actually on sale right now in my budget! Score!

Remaining Balance: $100

I liked TwoAdults' nod to a charity with her donation to Heifer International (a family favorite over here too!) So for my last $100, I'd make a donation to Kids Food Basket here in town that provides evening meals to school-age children who would otherwise go without dinner.

Remaining Balance: $0

What would you spend your $1,000 of fun money on?

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k said...

Dude, I'm inviting myself to that cheese party.