24 May 2011

This is Still My World

I've been a huge fan of Joseph Arthur for a long, long time. There was a day a long time ago someone I knew bought his CD Come to Where I'm From based solely on the cover art. Fortunately, he's as good an artist as he is a singer/songwriter. We listened to that CD on repeat for weeks and I've been a fan ever since, picking up his new music as he creates it. I've had the extreme pleasure of seeing him perform live - once here in Grand Rapids at Calvin College and another time as a member of the audience when he was the musical guest on Later with Carson Daly. His latest full-length solo CD The Graduation Ceremony dropped today and I've been listening to it all night. I'm hoping he'll come back to Grand Rapids (Detroit or Chicago would work too) in support of this new music. Digging on it big time!

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