12 May 2011

All Questions.

I have some questions for y'all:

If you are a patron of the arts, say you have season tickets to the symphony or you have purchased some art that you love. Do you talk about it? Or do you just nerd out on your own over the particular art you love?

Do you have room for out-of-town guests to sleep comfortably at your house or apartment? How many can you sleep? I'm planning on coming over and need to know! mwahahaha!

Do you or your significant other do the yard upkeep at your house? Or do you share the yard work? Or do you hire it out?

What's your favorite thing about warmer weather?

Are you on Twitter? Have you ever introduced yourself to someone you follow (who may not follow you) when you've seen them at a social function?

Leave your answers in the comments. Then I'll answer in a later post!

1 comment:

k said...


--T and I used to have season tickets to the Civic and we'd chat about it with my parents as they like stage-y type stuff.

--We used to have a lovely guest room with nice bedding and a queen sized bed and cute rug and lamp and table. But then Iris needed to move in so I sold it all on Craigslist. It's actually quite a relief to NOT have a place for guests.

--Yard work is shared based on who is home and has the energy. We outsource leaves (too! many!) and hedge trimming (too tall).


--I (heart) Twitter more than is probably appropriate time-wise. Most of the people I follow don't live in town, so no foray into introductions yet.