13 May 2011

My Runner Profile

The Fifth Third River Bank Run is this weekend in Grand Rapids. It's the largest 25K in the country and I love that it's in my hometown! This week The Rapidian has featured diffrent runner profiles written by Roberta King. I love reading about other runners and what draws them to running. I also thought it would be fun to answer the questions myself and share with y'all!

What race are you running and why did you choose it?
I'm running the 25K. I enjoy distance running over shorter races like the 5 or 10K races. The 25K is an ample challenge, but not ridiculous regard to how much time you need to train each week, which is my perception of marathon training/running. Sometime I'll have to see for myself.

Are you a repeat racer, if so, how many and which ones?
This is my third River Bank 25K. My first was in 2009, second 2010. I plan to keep running them until I can't anymore!

Describe your training program.
I usually adapt the River Bank Run training schedule to fit my own schedule. They basically have you running almost every day. The first year, I followed it pretty closely, but once you know you can finish a 25K, you know what you have to do to be able to run a good race. I usually run three or four days during the week and one long run on the weekends.

What about running appeals to you?
I love the feeling of crossing a finish line, knowing that so much of my life (training, healthy eating, etc) is devoted to making that moment happen. It's my therapy. It's my social time, weekend runs with friends are great! It's my exercise. It makes me feel strong and reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind and energy into.

A runner since?
I ran track in middle and high school, but did not take it seriously. For me it was all about socializing. I started running seriously in 2008. I got into to running by way of a sprint triathlon my sister in law organizes in New Hampshire. My brother is a tri-guy and convinced me that I could do it. I quietly trained, headed to New Hampshire and completed my first and only triathlon to date. I love running and biking, but need to hone my swim before I attempt another one. It's much easier for me to train and complete distance races.

Running tunes?
I usually always run with my ipod unless it's not charged, which is a bummer. I'm such a music person and a good song can really help motivate you to keep moving when your body is telling you otherwise. Some favorites in this season's running mix: Stars 4Ever by Robyn, Charlotte by Book Shade, Meds and Feds by M.I.A., Teqkilla by M.I.A. and Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce.

Pre-race ritual?
Drink extra water the days leading up to the race. Pasta dinner the night before with my running buddy, A and her family. Get a good night's sleep. Breakfast. Suit up and show up ready to rock it out!

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