07 December 2010

Too Cute Boots

Need vs. Want. Since I'm probably not buying, let's just say (pssst, Santa are you listening?) I wouldn't be mad if any of these found their way under the Christmas tree this year! My favorites are the Greenwich and Athens. I almost bought the Athens boots on super sale over on Gilt.com last week, but since I don't "need" them I didn't pull the trigger. I also saw them in brown at TJ Maxx this weekend. So now at least I know that an 8.5 would, indeed, fit in case I come across them again on sale! Never pay full price, there's always a sale on the horizon!


k said...

Suede boots get tore up from the floor up on these darn salty sidewalks. It makes me sad to see them after just one season.

*starr fish said...

I've got a pair of black suede boots that I've worn for the last few winters. I think I treated them once a winter with a waterproof spray and they've held up well!

RTL said...

Speaking of boots. Ya know those beat up old steel toed Doc Martens of mine? I hope I didnt ditch those at goodwill in my mad exodus to FLA.
Im gonna need those, and a pair of "smartwools" :)