06 December 2010

Kitchen Dreams

[Photo: Kate McElwee, Dwell]

My brother and sister in law have a very minimalist kitchen that employs under-the-counter refrigerators. I'd love to do away with my giant fridge and go with an under-the-counter version. My sister in law, an architect, redesigned the kitchen in their flat. This one in Dwell reminded me of theirs. Click here for an short slide show and a walk through of this particular redesign. Very cool!


Ula said...

Your post is very flattering :)
If you do switch to an under-counter refrigerator, do not buy a SUMMIT appliance. In general, avoid those that have a freezer within the may compartment. They do not work very well. I have heard the drawer refrigerators (by Fisher & Paykel and others) are pretty decent.

RTL said...

HEY! I dont know much about kitchens, but why would someone put a kid on a counter top then turn his back?

RTL said...

Oh GEEEZ! Right next to the burners even! Great Concept. Bad parenting! Just sayin'