31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Image by Fresh Starr Fish, of Inside Out by Soraia Almeida

Are you big into New Year's Eve parties? Did you get dressed up and go to a great party? Dinner out? I've never really gotten into the whole New Year's Eve party hoopla. It's nice to spend the evening with people you love, a good meal and some laid back fun. It's also nice to cozy up with a movie and hit the hay before the stroke of midnight. I had a great day just going with the flow.

I cleaned up the house a little bit. Starting the new year with a clean house...literally and figuratively is a good thing. Out with the old (whether it's the stacked up recycling or old thoughts that no longer serve you well) so as to make room for the new.

The weather in Michigan has been odd today - rain and in the hight 40s! I was all suited to go for a run in my neighborhood. It wasn't raining when I was getting ready, but when I stepped out onto the porch - the rain was coming down pretty hard. I skipped the run, but did about an hour of yoga. I haven't practiced yoga in several years, it felt really good to be on the mat again. A good way to start off the new year too, getting grounded.

However you celebrated, here's to much goodness, positive energy and sparkle in 2011! Happy New Year to you!

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