03 June 2010

Gulf Oil Disaster

Birds and wild life are covered in oil.

They are COVERED in oil!

I don't watch TV news, so I have not been seeing any video or photo coverage. I just saw a few pics though and they literally made me cry. I cannot believe how terrible things are and that there's not really an end in sight. I wish there was some way I could help.

The entire eco system in the Gulf of Mexico is extremely effed because of the BP disaster - the fact that it's being called a "spill" makes me sick. You might spill some water or a soda, but oil gushing into the ocean? It most certainly is not a "spill." There's no telling how far reaching the effects of this debacle will be. We probably won't know the true environmental impact for years.

Sad state of affairs.


Avante Guardian Angel said...

Dont look. I saw some footage on the news. NOT HAPPY. BP=BOO!

ula said...

I have not seen any images / video either, but just hearing about it on the radio every day makes me sick. I imagine the widespread wildlife contamination. I also imagine the people down by the golf who get so screwed. First the recession, and now the oil spill just before vacation season. Baaaad. Dependence on oil must end!