18 August 2009

this is my brain on tuesday

i say i like to travel, but when it comes down to it, i'm not into all the details that it takes to actually travel for fun and leisure. i guess that's why they have travel agents. i can't tell you the number of trips i'd like to take. need to get passport updated. need to commit and just flippin' go somewhere.

just so we're all clear, i'm not going to not go somewhere just because someone (who may or may not happen to be my ex) might be there. it's MY neighborhood and i can go to the blockbuster whenever i want. i'm waiting for the day when we will all just run into each other and have that awkward "we used to know each other, but we're going to pretend not to know each other" moment. i have a feeling it's going to happen sooner rather than later, this town is REALLY small.

i would like to start eating like a true athlete, not someone who runs/works out so i can eat whatever i want. my metabolism is fast, but it's not that fast. with that being said, i'd like a personal chef/nutritionist who can prepare me tasty meals and keep me on track.

i've learned to be more at peace with peace, but every now and there's still a part of me that wants things stirred up a bit. i'm resisting the urge to stir the pot myself.

i'm looking forward to ArtPrize. art has already started appearing around town. this event is going to be huge! have you heard about nessie?

have i told you lately how much i like butter? i'm eating a toasted cinnamon raison bagel right now, with butter on it. it is delicious in all of its toasted buttery cinnamon goodness.

my office is slightly illogically heated and cooled for whatever season we happen to be in. this weekend was blistering hot with humidity. for that kind of weather i can understand turning the air down to keep the workers cool. as best i can tell, it's not near the 90s today. i've been wearing fleece all morning in my cube. fleece, people. in august. that's just not right!


k said...

It wasn't until I starting dating Tendo that I discovered the ABSOLUTE JOY that is butter. I mean, really?! It's just so great!

loveball said...

don't stir the pot - maybe just stick your finger in it and then add some spice! *wink*

this made no real sense. but yet, I still think you will get my drift.

*fish said...

totally get what you're saying loveball. not going to stir the pot, but may find some spice to add! hehe!