30 November 2008

Weekend in Review

Had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend in Marquette, birthplace of my mom. My Aunt & Uncle were, as always, wonderful hosts. They make entertaining/keeping a spectacular home look as effortless as Martha. They've probably been at it longer though. The weekend contained many things I enjoy:

  • Spending time with family is a given, but must be noted for the record. we laughed often and I heard many a great story.
  • Yummy vegetarian Thankgiving meal, in which everyone contributed something - everyone in the kitchen cooking up a wicked good meal. I made the gravy! 
  • Sleeping in a warm cozy bed and not having to wake up at any specific time.
  • The best toast I think I've EVER had in my life - two different kinds actually - chocolate cherry that my mom got at Nantucket Bakery here in town, and some delish toast made with cardomom bread my Aunt made. It's a Finnish thing and it was amazing with real butter!
  • Getting a great deal on a sweet North Face jacket at Getz's.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Walking through a tall pine forest with the dogs and ending up on the shore of Lake Superior.

  • Making it home before dark and not sliding into a ditch due to the current crazy winter storm.
  • Oh, and hearing news of a smart, cute boy.

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k said...

Would he perhaps be sporting a white belt?