28 November 2008

Winter Work Uniform

A friend of mine recently posted a blog about what her uniform would be if she had to pick one for work. Benefits of the uniform being a) very little thought/time spent each morning answering the question of what to wear. b) clothing budget could be contained. Drawbacks would go like this for me a) I tend to dress based on what mood I'm in or what the weather is doing. Having a set seasonal outfit might detract from my ability to feel comfortable based on those two factors. 

I have, however been pondering the uniform and just in case a mandate came down from "I don't know where" that personal uniforms were a requirement, I am now ready. I have come up with the following looks that I would be comfortable sporting five days a week during the cold months at the office:

  • turtle neck sweater
  • pencil skirt
  • black tall boots

The colors can vary from day to day, but the look is polished and put together. Plus, I'd be warm. I HATE being cold and dress for both warmth and comfort in the winter. 

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