01 March 2013

Favorite iPhone Apps

Before I switched from a Droid phone to my iPhone 5, I had app envy. My friend with iPhones would be talking about apps they're using and loving and I had no frame of reference since many apps did not have a version for Droids. But then..it was finally time for me to upgrade. I've had my iPhone since the end of October and feel like I've gotten settled in well enough to talk about some of my favorite apps.

Instagram. So if you've got an iPhone, you've gotta have Instagram. I can't stress how much I love this app - I love the idea of documenting the things you see throughout the day, and seeing what everyone else feels is worthy of instagramming/sharing. All the different filters are fun to play around with too. I usually rock #nofilter, but usually flip through all of them looking for the best lighting/effect.

My Fitness Pal. Someone at work told me about this app about a month ago. Admittedly, today is only my second day using it, but so far I'm hooked. Basically it's an app to help you track your daily calorie intake and exercise. When you get started, you have several different options for what you want to accomplish, whether you want to maintain your current weight or lose weight. Then, essentially it's a diary that you can keep track of everything you've eaten, your exercise and even your water intake. To say that the database of foods is vast would be an understatement. And it's easy enough to add a food if you don't find a suitable match in the database. I entered my homemade hummus yesterday.

Voxer. This can be used in a walkie talkie type fashion with friends - talking back and forth, but you can't talk at the same time. Or if you're not on voxer at the same time as your friend, you just leave your voice message and they can listen to it whenever and reply at their leisure. I have a friend who's in Australia right now and it's fun and free way to keep in touch.

Starbucks. If you have a Starbucks card, essentially the app takes the card's place. You load money on it just like you would a card. It keeps track of all your Star Rewards as you make purchases. They send you messages about the week's free music download and promotions.  And the best part of all, instead of paying by swiping your card, you bring up the payment screen and they scan the money off your phone. Sweet!

What are your favorite apps? I feel like there are so many more that I should have, but don't! Do share!

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