01 September 2011

One. Word.

I love a good Internet meme! Taking a cue from TwoAdults, (who just shared her own version of One. Word. that she saw over on MFAMama) I keep the one word wonder going.

One. Word.

No. Explanations.

yourself: unique

your boyfriend/girlfriend (husband, whatever): tbd

your hair: wet

your mother: swell

your dog: cremated

your favorite item: laptop

your dream last night: zzz

your favorite drink: water

your dream car: BMW530xi

the room you are in: living

your fear: loss

what you want to be in ten years: thriving

who you hung out with last night: NPR

what you're not: mean

muffin: toast

one of your wish items: peace

time: night

the last thing you did: shower

what you are wearing: jammies

your favorite weather: balmy

your favorite book: Shantaram

the last thing you ate: dinner

your life: calm

your mood: calm

your best friend: real

what you are thinking about right now: sweets

your car: wagon

what you are doing at the moment: slouching

your summer: fading

your relationship status: single

what is on your tv: dust

what is the weather like: warm

when is the last time you laughed: tonight

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