16 July 2011

Sprinkles of Random

A friend from work is getting married this weekend. Tons of people from work will be there. The vibe at work Friday afternoon has been something reminiscent of pre-prom. People are talking about what they're wearing (it's an outdoor evening wedding, so there's some figuring to be done, especially for the guys!) It's going to be fun.


I started my dog sitting gig last night after work. I will give you a full report after the gig is up. Meanwhile though, can we talk about TV? I have not had cable or been around cable TV in years. I had the TV on last night and am completely disgusted by what's on TV these days. It a wasteland of trash. Yes, I realize it was probably a bunch of crap programming when I last watched TV on the regular, but I think after not watching it I'm way more sensitive to it. Like my TV lungs pinked back up. MTV has some show about girls who look for older men who will buy them things. The title involves something about a sugar daddy. My thoughts on this: 1. It's sick that there's a show about this. 2. It's sick that there are people who actually do this. That is all.


I'm entertaining the idea of getting new glasses. I've had my same frames, which I LOVE and are so me, for about three years. Maybe it's been four. Man time really does fly, doesn't it?! I found my current frames in Marquette of all places. They're Jean LaFont (super-fancy) and since I'll be visiting Marquette again soon, I'll look at the same place to see what's new. There's also a new place in Grand Rapids called Sight that I want to check out. I've also been looking at a few online sites Warby Parker and Zenni.

My post title reminds me of cupcakes. I believe there will be cupcakes at this wedding. I'm also way late in getting to try out a cupcake or two from Bartertown/Roc's Cakes. I've heard good things!


loveball said...

Can you post some pictures of the wedding? And did you flirt the night away?

k said...

I have heard lots of good things about Zenni.