14 August 2010


One of the kitties, Junior, has Feline Asthma. The coughing and wheezing is sporadic, but it has been enough recently to warrant two trips to the vet. The first was several months ago and it involved a two week course of meds. Then no wheezing for a few months. The wheezing returned like a bad penny this week. The vet trip this week involved a chest x-ray to find out exactly what's going on in his kitty lungs.


(R was brilliant for thinking to take a pic of the x-ray!)

Turns he has congestion within his bronchi - on the x-ray it looks like tiny doughnuts - the vet even called them doughnuts when she was pointing them out on the x-ray. The vet prescribed prednisone. Sounds like one of the side effects is wild hunger and thirst. He's got doughnut lungs and is going to want to eat mass quantities of doughnuts! D'oh! I'm just glad we finally know what's going on with him and it's something that can be treated.

Feel better Junior! And keep being a champ about taking your medicine.

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