25 August 2010

Random. Style. Bits.

Today is Shiny Pants Day - shiny pink pants, to be exact. That just made me think of the band named Shiny Toy Guns. These pants are a little killer. *raises finger guns* Pew. Pew. Pew.

Gap pink shiny cropped pants, back of my closet. Gap black scoop neck top, courtesy Loveball. Black patent stretch belt, TJ Maxx years ago.

I managed to take a few outfit pics - I love all the bloggers who do this on the regular. Taking outfit shots is harder than I imagined (The shoulders down shot was intentional though. As Pee Wee Herman would say, I meant to do that!), so props to all the outfit bloggers! I don't wear these pants nearly enough (I also have the same pair in gray, which I tend to wear more often). I've been trying to shop my closet lately. My friend Loveball has made that concept even more fun this week. She gave me a handful of tops she no longer wore after I helped her pull together a few interview outfits earlier this week. Thanks, Loveball!! I love playing stylist and wish I had more opportunities to put my style skills to use for the betterment of other's wardrobes. Holla at me if you want some more mileage from your own closet!

A.Giannetti black and white pony hair mules in giraffe print with pink suede trim.
(I've had these forever, so long I don't think this brand even exists anymore. Made in Italy though!)

A close up on a few accessories from today. Diesel sunnies. Swatch watch, from my l'il bro and S.I.L. a while back. Necklace, from my mom forever ago.

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