02 July 2009

Thursday that's really a Friday

This day is a little off, what with the holiday weekend just a few hours away. I've been a day ahead of the calendar all week. "It totally feels like Friday...". The following ought to give you a taste of how the day's going:

I'm operating on very little sleep and becoming an expert at alleviating the toll of sleep deprivation during the work day. The weekend outlook involves sleep. and then maybe a little more sleep.


My feet/shoes decided to rebel against me on the way out of the building for lunch. I went down like a bowling pin. I even did the little spin that sometimes happens when the ball hits the pin just right. Knee is currently developing a ripe bruise. Left hand feels the sting of hitting the river rock-like pavement. Right foot + river rock = abrasion. The only saving grace of the whole deal is that I did not rip my favorite pair of jeans.


On the way to lunch today we discussed the different breads available at restaurants and how it would be fantastic to have a progressive meal that just involved bread. First stop Logan's for yeast rolls. Second stop: Red Lobster for cheddar biscuits (while I've never had them, what could be more fantastic than a baked marriage of cheese and biscuit?!) Third stop: Johnny Carino's for their warm bread and dipping oil. What's curious about this list is that all the restaurants are chains and that the bread is probably the best part of the collected menus. Just saying.


My co-workers and I joked around all day about working on a 4th of July musical called - "Continental Congress - the musical". It was going to be what would spring us from work early. "Gotta go rehearse...." Turns out we didn't have to resort to that. We entertained ourselves most of the day and before you knew it, it was time to go home.


Long weekend! I'm so psyched for three days off. People have been letting off fireworks for days now. I'm sure it will be quite the show on Saturday. I may have to dig out the sparklers. I just realized that this the holiday that celebrates our independence from Great Britain also marks my official independence from the ex. I had never made that connection until now. Very happy to be where I am today. Very happy to be independent! What are you doing to celebrate our Independence?


loveball said...

I have three days off too! we should try and get together at some point.

dude - today I put the coffee grounds in the section for the water (of which I had already poured in). total mess. sleep deprivation is a bitch.

sorry about your bike, your scraped foot and hand and lack of sleep...

happy about your 3 day break, your fave jeans being saved and probable reason for your sleep deprivation :)

call me!

Anonymous said...

Huh, there's no obnoxious people setting off fireworks here...yet.

Plans to hang with my family - Uncle, Aunt and cuz's at their condo on Lake Dillon.