20 February 2012


Happy Birthday little Starr Fish!

Today is my actual birthday. It's an even number this year and for some reason it's not sitting that comfortably with me. It'll take some time to get used to, I guess. That or I'm going to start counting backward each year from  now on until I get to a number I like and want to keep. Ha!

For fun, here are some things I'm wishing for the coming year,  but I'll never tell what I actually wish for when I blow out the candles tonight.

To travel again really soon. Somewhere new and exciting. My wanderlust is acting up.

To best all my running times - my 25K in May, my half marathon in August and my full marathon in October.

To live well and to find happiness in all things.

To share my baked goods with more people.

To be in a situation (right dog, right time, right place) where I can finally have a dog.

Essentially it always comes down to being my best self. If I feel like that's happened at this time next year, then it will have been a good year!

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