13 January 2012

Annual January Running Tradition

"Annual tradition: standing in line to register for River Bank Run 25k."

I posted that to my facebook last night. On of my friends posted this reply: "can't you do it online?"

Yes, you can, but what fun would that be? This year will be my fourth year running the 25k and each year I've run they've had a registration/kick off event that includes free training t-shirts, free pizza, a slightly discounted registration fee and a mini running expo. My running buddy A and I have only missed out once due to weather. There's something about going out of your way a little bit to register for River Bank. For me it officially signals the beginning of my running season and gives me something to look forward to in the dark first couple weeks of January!

We ran into a few of our running friends and talked about the upcoming training/running season with them. We talked to Marathon Don about getting ahold of old Grand Rapids Marathon shirts that he sells at a discount. We did not eat the pizza. That was a first. A had had pizza for lunch, and I wasn't that hungry/did not want to wait in the line.

And how's the running going? This week was my first week back on a schedule since the Marathon. I ran outside on Saturday and at the gym on Monday and Wednesday. I'm supposed to go tonight. I'm waffling.  That's the good and bad part about being this early in the season, you know you can skip and/or make up the miles too easily. 

The actual running is pretty slow. I've definitely lost my marathon lungs, which makes me sad. I remember being so psyched about finishing the marathon and thinking that I would only take a week off after the marathon so I could get right back to running. With no race on the horizon, it was too simple to not run. So I ended up taking about two and half months off, which means getting my lungs/base back will take a few weeks, I hope! Weekday runs right now are 2-3 milers. It makes me laugh when I get winded and walk a few because I know there will be a time in the not so distant future when I'm running more miles than that and think it's no problem at all! It totally happened last year. I can't wait to get back there!

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