12 October 2011

ArtPrize 2011 #5

ArtPrize has officially left the building, until next year! I still have a bunch of pics that never made the blog, so here's one last post.

ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos has said ArtPrize is about fostering conversations about art. Each year there's usually a ton of discussion about the Top Ten and the winners. This year was no exception to that rule and I felt it was the most controversial to date. Lots of sad pandas over the Top Ten and top three winners. I was happy that Site:Lab was honored with the "Outstanding Venue" award. Given all that, I'm still a fan of ArtPrize and the art and creative people and energy it brings to Grand Rapids for a few weeks in the fall. If you want a list of the Top Ten, it's all spelled out nicely on the ArtPrize site. Let's just say that I'm looking forward to some fresh art and artists hitting ArtPrize next year and getting into the Top Ten!

With that, here are some snaps of a few interesting pieces I took in during my jaunts through ArtPrize...remember, you can click on any photo for a LARGER view!

Untitled no. 1, Jennifer Cronin
Shown at Grand Rapids Public Museum

Serious Business, Steve Toornman
Shown at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Shown at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Four on the Floor, Observed, Karen Bondarchuk
Shown at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Detail, Generations, Mark Chatterley
Shown at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Have Sticks Will Travel, Jonathan Brilliant
Shown at Kendall

American Icon, Jennifer O'Meara
Shown at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

Shown at Minty Keen

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