11 August 2011

Sweet Snack Secret

This is a story about something so simple, yet so delicious.

It's a little sweet snack secret that I'll share with you because I like you and I want you to be able to partake in this tasty goodness whenever you like. If you're anything at all like me, that will be on the regular.

It's been proven that I like to bake. It's also been proven that I can, at times, use a little help getting beyond my sweet-teeth (I don't just have one). There are times when I'm in dire need of a sweet and I have absolutely no business baking something that will result in a large pan or batch of anything sitting around my kitchen. This so simple, yet so delicious sweet snack was born out of one of those instances.


Three simple ingredients: Two graham crackers. Peanut Butter. A handful of chocolate chips (melted). Prep: break each graham in half. Smear peanut butter on each square. Then top with melted chocolate.

What? You say, it's not a big deal. You make this all the time or your kid does and they make a mess. Well, my friend, that's where you are sadly mistaken, because if you look closely at the photo, you may be able to decipher the secret to this so simple, yet so delicious snack. Once assembled, you pop everything in the freezer and wait at least a half hour so everything is firm and the chocolate has a frozen snap to it. That time spent in the freezer turns this so called pre-school snack into something akin to snack salvation. I dare you to try it and not get at least a little hooked and make them a couple days in a row. Go on...you know you want to!

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