16 August 2011

Currently: Me

Currently drinking: Soda water, two ice cubes and the juice of half a lime. Delicious and fizzy!

Currently avoiding: Gathering the trash for trash night.

Currently wearing: Grey tissue T, gray and white striped maxi skirt and silver gladiator sandals. It feels like I'm in my jammies, but it's what I wore to work today. Comfy, yet put together!

Looking forward to: Running one of my favorite races (I actually love all the races I run, but this one is special!) this weekend - the Fallsburg half marathon. Tons of hills, tons of trail running and tons of fun. No, really!

Current Web-session: StyleMePretty.com aka "The Ultimate Wedding Blog." I added this to my google reader a few weeks ago after someone in my twitter feed shared it with me. I've been to two weddings so far this summer and have one more on the schedule. My good friend A and her man, B are getting hitched! My interest/fascination with this site is purely a spectator sport at this point, but you can bet I'm tucking ideas away for my "someday" wedding to my "someday" man. This was at one of my favorite locations so far: the Ace Hotel:Palm Springs, CA.

Current favorite song: "Raindrops" by Basement Jaxx. I love it when this song comes up on my ipod! I usually listen to it a couple times. And now that I've seen the video...even more fun!

Current food favorite: I call it Avocado Toast. If you make something more than once, it deserves a name! So it's super simple: Ezekiel 4:9(R) bread, toasted and "buttered" with Earth Balance soy butter. 1/4 mashed avocado with a little guacamole season mix stirred in. Then top it all off with a slice of smoked provolone flavor soy cheese. Unless you're vegetarian like me or vegan, this probably sounds terrible, but listen to me now and believe me later when you make it yourself (or your own version!) It's sooo good!
Current house annoyance: My bathroom faucet has started dripping, which of course means I can't just get a new faucet. It means I'll have to get a new sink to put the new faucet in. And if I'm going to rip out the current sink, I'll have to rip out the tile and put in new tile. Then I'll at least have to paint since the floor will be ripped up. Yeah, all over a little drip!

Currently grateful for: My kitchen away from home, Marie Catrib's and all the folks there who I see on the regular. Love that place! Oh, and I'm also grateful that I currently do not have a headache. I've had one on and off since Saturday night. I hope it stays away.

Currently listening to: the cicadas through the open windows and the faint conversation of my neighbor who must be in his yard chatting with someone. Now, sirens wailing through the neighborhood.

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