02 March 2014

February 2014 Deals

February 2014 Deals

Inspired by fashion bloggers who post monthly shopping recaps and budget recaps for the month, I've put one of my own together for February. We'll see if I can keep up on keeping track of everything and post in future months. For me, it seems like a fun way to catalog my wardrobe, and hopefully show that you can find some great pieces at a fraction of what they'd retail for. 

I've always loved finding great deals on quality fashions, so what a great idea to keep track of what you find, when and where you find it and how great the deal was. Some bloggers set a monthly shopping budget. I haven't really done that, other than listening to my inner voice saying, don't go too buck wild! I know there are some months where I won't buy anything and others like this month (my birthday month, combined with great winter sales) where I might do a little extra on the "treat yo-self" front. It should also be noted, that I'm a single professional lady without kids, so that might color how much I decide to spend on things.

So what did I find? 
Sandro black and silver crepe dress. Nordstrom Rack. Retail $320. Paid $36.
Joe's Jeans skinny coated black jeans. Nordstrom Rack. Retail $218 . Paid $52
Target faux black leather shift dress. Retail $27.99. Paid $8.38
Target black and white beanie hat. Retail $12. Paid $12.
Patagonia Better Sweater Zip Coat in Whiskey Plum. Patagonia online. Retail $179. Paid $107 *(used birthday money! - update, I ended up returning this after all!)
Patagonia Low Sky Parka in Black. Patagonia online. Retail: $249. Paid $149 

Total Retail: $1005.99 ($826.99 minus the Better Sweater return)
Total Spent: $364.38 ($257.38 minus Better Sweater)
Total Saved: 641.61 ($569.61 minus Better Sweater)

I bought the Sandro dress and the Joe's jeans at the same time. The dress is a great shift to wear over the jeans. The short dress over skinny jeans is a definite wardrobe staple of mine. 

The faux leather dress from Target - the clearance rack. Duh! It feels so much like real leather, it's uncanny. Another reason to feel good about this dress - Saint Laurent did the original for well over $2,000. and this one looks damn good for pennies on that price. I will wear this over skinny jeans and already wore it to my book club dinner last weekend.

Black and white beanie. I have gray and white beanie and mere days before finding this at Target was thinking, "I need to find a replacement for this - it's getting a bit worn out and snagged." If you're like me at all, you wear and wear your favorites until you need to retire them and hopefully find suitable replacements. 

The Patagonia jackets. I know, I bought two! They haven't arrived yet. I was drawn to the black parka first as a replacement for a jacket I've had for a long time who's lining is completely shredded. Then I loved the idea of the Better Sweater jacket. Couldn't decide by looking at them online alone, so I ordered them both (free shipping). I may end up returning one of them, or keeping them both. We shall see. (Yes, ended up returning the Better Sweater. I kept trying it on,  but it wasn't making it into my wardrobe rotation.)


k said...

Is that your new Wanda hat?

k said...

Second comment: I just added up what I bought in February and it was...extensive.

Boden (skirt, necklace, two tees); Topshop (four pairs of ballet flats); Limited (dress); Target (four dresses--one returned); Gap (two sweaters); J. Crew (one skirt).


*starr fish said...

Yes, that's the new "where's Wanda(Waldo)" hat! haha!