22 January 2014

When it Rains...

You know how it goes, when one thing goes wrong it seems like there's a parade of other things that follow it. Does this hold true in your world? There's something about it that's both mysterious and somewhat logical, like: okay some sh*t's gonna unravel, because that's life, so why wouldn't it unravel all at the same time? Some things that have unraveled lately include:

Washing Machine. I threw in a load of laundry on Sunday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary, until I went back to throw everything in the dryer. I reached in to pull out a handful of clothes for the dryer and to my surprise what I pulled out was still very wet. Turns out the spin cycle did not spin. Appliance tech came out this morning and told me the time has come for replacement. The transmission is dead. So I'm going washer shopping this evening.

Electric. My house was built in the 1920s. About half of the house has upgraded electrical, probably just enough to be up to code. I'm joking, but it may actually be true. In my mind the stunted electrical in the other half of the house is responsible for light bulbs that burn out ridiculously fast (always the same light fixtures) and a garage door that opens on its own sometimes. While I can usually chalk it up to the character of an old home, recent developments have me thinking it's something that needs to be addressed pronto. My go-to electrician came out and fixed up the problem wiring, so the outlets that just stopped working are now all back on line. A complete re-wire is not in the cards, thankfully!

Car. I love my car. I do! But I fear we're getting to the point in our relationship where I have to say, it's definitely you - your German engineering is getting too costly to keep fixing. I had it in to the shop earlier this week to have the heater looked at. It hadn't been heating up nearly as warm or as quickly as it should this winter. Granted, with the Polar Vortex in effect, it's been an uphill battle to warm up the car. They flushed everything out. I'm still not sure it's fixed though, but it's been about 5 degrees this week. I'm thinking it's time to start looking for another ride while I can still sell this one and get some decent cash out of it. UGH! Getting another car makes me sweat a bit too because my garage is so small. I'm fairly certain all the vehicles I'm drawn too lately are just a tad too big to fit in the garage. Expanding the garage to fit in a new car? Or having to buy a car that's small enough to fit in your garage? Really? That's what my life has come to?

Law of threes also seems to apply here. Thankfully it's all stuff that's fixable/replaceable. Have you had any law of three/when-it-rains-it-pours situations lately? Do share in the comments - hopefully it's all been stuff that's relatively easy to recover from/deal with.

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k said...

I for real feel like we go through times when we're hemorrhaging money. Everything breaks or needs to be renewed or purchased within a month's time. Ugh.