29 August 2013

Now: Random

Is there a rom com that tells the story of a girl who likes a guy but he doesn't know it and a different guy who likes her and she doesn't know it?

It's time to do something with my hair. Last time around, I had my gal S do some ombre color and hair cut. The ombre is still hanging out, literally. Maybe needs a refresh, which seems odd because the whole point of ombre is that it looks grown out. Ha! Maybe I try bangs again? Rashida Jones makes them look so cute!

I'm in a huge "get that outta the house" mode. I edited my closet and pulled a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't pull when I changed out my winter clothes for spring. I'm going through every room, every drawer and pulling stuff. I'm building a huge pile of stuff to take to my Goodwill. Feels so good to be clearing things out that I'm not using, that hopefully someone else can. Anyone need a stack of old InStyle mags?

Girls wearing high-waisted short jean shorts. Just stop. They are not cute and nobody needs to see your butt cheeks.

It's hotter than heck on Grand Rapids right now and the humidity is off the chart. And I really want to go for my run, but I don't want to die of heat exhaustion. Getting my miles in before dawn has become a real thing. Much to my surprise, it's actually fun and I've enjoyed getting my miles in and having the rest of my day/evening to do whatever else I want.

This song.

And this one.

Favorite snack for work lately: Smartfood white cheddar popcorn. Apparently it's on a worst snack list of some sort. Whatever.

Have you ever tried brushing your teeth with baking soda? I did recently and it's amazing. While it doesn't exactly taste the best, it does neutralize any taste in your mouth. It's supposed to help whiten your teeth. And the best part is: it makes your teeth feel fresh-from-the-dentist clean. I don't do it all the time, but when I do I brush afterward with my regular Tom's of Maine toothpaste for the fresh minty taste. That pretty much makes me a nerd or something, right?

I finished season two of Homeland last night. Do you watch the show? It's crazy! If you haven't watched it and you need a show, get on it. Seasons one and two are available out there in Internet land and season three starts on TV soon.

That's all I've got. How about you? Tell me something good.

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k said...

I am NOT enjoying this heat, but I am enjoying:

--a fresh manicure
--new clothes
--sleeping well at night
--good books from the library