14 November 2012

Late July

Small Houses - "Late July" from Spencer Wells on Vimeo

I caved today and responded to something I probably should have let go. It was this song. I couldn't not say something. Music brings people together, right? I guess that was my (not-so-secret) hope. Now I'm sharing this with you so I can move through that hope, so as to not get discouraged or disappointed. Because at the end of the day, it's just friend's sharing music with each other and that's a lovely thing.

My love for music is so strong and this song is another that's been playing on repeat lately. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Small Houses play a show over the weekend. They played this beautiful song called "Late July." It was already a favorite of mine and I almost cried. Hearing the explanation of the song at the beginning of this clip makes me love it even more. Hope you do too!

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