25 October 2009

Kitten at Play

Since R's two cats have started staying with me, they have equally entertained and annoyed me. Fortunately, I've caught Junior being his entertaining self. This is my very first attempt at video editing in i-Movie. It's just a short clip, but it was fun to put together.



k said...

I love how cats will go apeshit over something only to decide "You're dead to me." 30 seconds later.

loveball said...

watching that made me really miss The Diller...RIP my boy.

nice little video though!

*fish said...

K- it's almost like they decide they're too cool to play! It always cracks me up too.

Loveball - anytime you want to come over for some cat time, you're more than welcome! Junior and The Dill could have been brothers - same fur suit, similary size and same belly!